2 Corinthians 1:10

What We Do

Adoption Assistance:

Adoption is an expensive and emotional process. Most international adoptions cost in excess of $20,000. The Tesfa Alliance offers need-based financial support to Christian families seeking adoption by means of private donations. We have a special focus on international adoption from Ethiopia, but do not limit financial assistance to that country.

Adoption Education:

We inform, support, and guide adoptive parents through the complicated process of creating healthy new families through international and domestic adoption. The Alliance's staff provides support and counseling for adoptive parents, works closely with them throughout the adoption process, and provides ongoing post-placement support and consultation. All services are free. We maintain a focus on education about Ethiopian adoption and culture.

Poverty Relief:

The third facet of the Alliance's mission is to alleviate poverty both domestically and abroad. With no payroll obligations as all staff are volunteers, the Alliance can effectively administer 100% of its funds directly to those in greatest need. We provide financial relief in the form of a tin roof for a family in Ethiopia to paying a light bill for a working mother.