2 Corinthians 1:10

Adoption FAQ

Before You Adopt

How long has Ethiopia been doing adoptions?

Are there age limits for adoptive parents?

Does Ethiopia allow singles to adopt?

Are there any stipulations on marriage?

Can adoptive parents have other children already in their family?

Can we adopt siblings or unrelated children?

Are there any additional in-country fees?

Does the Ethiopian government require any written statement from the adoptive parents?

Length of Time

What is the length of the process once the dossier is submitted to Ethiopia?


How do I get cheap airfare?

Can children travel with adoptive parents?

Your Time in Ethiopia

What is the length of stay?

Where will we stay while in Ethiopia?


What age are the children that are available?

Why are the children in orphanages?

What is the social experience of the children?

Have the children been tested for HIV/AIDS?

Is it possible to adopt a child that is HIV/AIDS positive?

Are any of the children fetal alcohol affected?

Are medical and social records available on the children?